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"We will provide information and confidential counseling that will aid you in making a courageous and unselfish decision."
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“I never thought I would have to make a decision like this”. This is what we hear from almost all Birthparents. It is a tough time with many questions such as: “ how do I get started, how will I pay my bills, what will people think of me, can anyone interfere with my decision, if I start working with an agency during my pregnancy does that mean I have made my decision, what happens if I change my mind, when is the final decision made, will I have to go to court or pay for anything, will my baby be safe, will I get to pick the family and will I know how the baby is doing through the years?” This website is designed to answer these questions and many more. Also, with the help of a caring on-call maternity counselor with decades of experience, you will be guided through the process and it will not be as complicated or difficult as it seems. Charlotte Duncan is available for your call at 713-529-4341 or 1-800-392-5969. This is a Texas non-profit adoption agency for Texas families.
WARNING: Do not trust the most important decision of your baby’s life to an un-licensed untrained person (friend, relative, acquaintance, or organization). Many advertisements on the internet are by persons and organizations who advertise in a misleading manner that they are an agency in Texas when they are neither in Texas or a licensed agency. For the safety of your baby always check the facts. There are not the same measures and procedures in place to make sure your baby is safe, with a unlicensed adoption. Click the “Why AdopTexas” link for the facts.
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